FiresideCrypto: Binance / Ripple / Tron / Raiblocks / TenX

In this Fireside Crypto, I talk about the recent altcoin boom that took crytocurrency markets to a 800 Billion dollar market cap. I get the chance to talk about what I think about the hottest coins this week: Raiblocks, Tron, Ripple and Binance. I also talk about the wavecrest issue which led to the sudden cancellation of multiple crypto visa cards

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  1. Hi Boxmining, I been investing using binance but its been a struggle looking at all the altcoins in ratios with respect to bitcoin, which is a bit difficult in providing a scope of earnings. Do you know a website that has a converter that helps make altcoin/usd ratios ? Thanks

  2. I managed to create a Binance account just before they restricted new accounts. I feel like I've achieved something . It's a great site too. Easy to use and loads of Cryptos to choose from.

  3. Binance just re opened registrations and for a limited time. I highly recommend you make an account if you haven’t already got one as who knows when you will be able to sign up again (Binance accounts were so in demand yesterday that they were selling for 0.5BTC!). Best exchange out there, has all the main coins and even if you are just starting to get involved in crypto and don’t feel comfortable using exchanges yet it is worth signing up because if you are here to stay you will need this exchange at some point!
    https://www.binance.com/?ref=10800638 (Sign up through this link and get 50% off trading fees as well!)

  4. I have just found out my nephew has Cancer. The treatment and time, of work for my Brother and wife are going to cripple them here is my BTC wallet ANY DONATIONS would be very grateful. Just do not nowhere too turn THANK YOU WORLD I KNOW THERE IS GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE. XXXXXX 1973rFCTzJRaHCxGsjwQ27tEEqSS8JVF66

  5. ICO needs to solve a problem. The same old "crypto coin" and wallet is no longer the trend. We need coins to improve actual industries with the block-chain. With that said, I have a 2018 sleeping giant that can revolutionize an industry. Look into Golf Coin. The sell walls can easily be crushed. Think about how a golf coin can be used to pay for tee-times, charity tournaments, bets, earn coins to buy merch/clubs/gears, driving ranges, beer, tipping the cart girls, paychecks for international tournaments.

  6. Great video! You are spot on in everything you said. From the cult of Tron to the Ripple analysis! You should get one of those electric fireplaces for these fireside chats!

  7. MICHAEL I really enjoy your channel and the information that you share as well as many of many of my friends, But Michel if your going to conduct a professional channel you might want to watch the use of your profanity for many of us who watch you have children. Im not trying to tell you how to do your channel, just trying to help you serve all of your audience. There are many who have said that they don't have to worry about the language with DataDash or Carter Thomas and many others. Please consider this suggestion for the many of us who listen to you

  8. buddy I heard elsewhere that raiblocks is going to become a pump and dump scam by someone who is very cryptic otherwise and somehow logical but a little pessimistic. Please respond to this. I'd love to hear aboutt what you think about it since you've said that it is one of the best here.

  9. Okay… all eyes on xrp, just to lucky viewer of my comment, educate yourself about NEM -xem 🙂 It is solving major problems of all coins, and it is staying solid in top 10

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