Exodus Wallet 20.1.30: Cardano (ADA), Bitpay, Multiple Bitcoin Addresses

Exodus mobile and desktop wallet welcome Cardano (ADA) to the Exodus family. A fan favorite, Cardano has been one of the most requested assets of all time.

Your first question about Cardano (ADA) will surely be about staking. Staking is not active yet on the main Cardano (ADA) network and available only on the shelly testnet and as soon as we have information about the official Shelly upgrade, we’ll get to work on Cardano staking.

Multiple Bitcoin addresses in your Exodus Wallet have always been available for legacy addresses, however, the Bech32 addresses provided only one BTC address. In Exodus Wallet version 20.1.30 we’ve done away with address reuse and you will receive a new Bitcoin (BTC address) after using the previous one.

The Bitpay protocol now supports Ethereum and so does your Exodus Ethereum wallet.

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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  1. Multiple addresses is a great addition. Would be great of you could implement this also to the Android app and add flexible fees for both platforms.

    You may also work on the startup time for Android. Compared to other wallets, Exodus is the slowest I have tried.

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