Ethereum dApp tutorial – Front end. Part 1

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In this video I introduce the tools that are needed to build a user interface that will allow interaction with the Ethereum blockchain.

Web3.js github:


Meteor web3:


Meteor for begginers. Great tutorials:

Creating smart contracts using Solidity:

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  1. Hello Shlomi. Thanks for nice explanation. I installed Meteor successfully, but can't even create project. After I issue create project command cursor kept on spinning with message "Building Packages" followed by "Installing NPM dependencies" for 45 minutes, but nothing happened. This is first time I am trying to use meteor after installation. I rebooted my machine, but same effect. Can you let me know why this is the case? Can I use MS Visual studio to build dApps instead of Meteor?

  2. Thank you Mr Scott, now i see the reason why everyone is spreading your name on every blog and media, calling you a trade god, i wish every trader can be so nice and kind like you, thank you sir for sharing your great strategy with me, i just made my first $18k within the first week of trading with your strategy, Am grateful sir.

  3. currently the meteor setup has an additional folder containing node modules for babel-runtime, core-js, meteor-node-stubs, and regenerator-runtime what functionality does it add that you didnt capture in your tutorial.

    I also noticed you did not import your lib.js file in the main.js, so how does it initialize by default.

  4. Thanks a lot Shlomi for this tutorial : I really like your explanations.
    There is something however I dont understand : what is the link with Metamask ? If I don't want my future users of my dApp to all install metamask, how do I do the front-end ?

  5. Hey shlomi, great video, but I couldn't make it to the end. At the part around 16:00, when I want to get my account balance I get "undefined" on the alert on page load, and no alert on button press.

    What should I do ?
    Edit : I set the alert to display the error and it shows "Provider not set or invalid".

  6. Hi shlomi, thank your very much for this great video! But I have a question about how to use 'Web3.providers.HttpProvider()' function. I see you used "http://localhost:8545" as the blockchain service provider. I know it is the default link when using truffle or geth. But here you are using Morden testnet which seems not a local server. Why is it still performing correctly?

  7. hi shlomi….video is fantastic..a much helpful video….
    Question-)if i have an contract which transfering certain amount to some address on checking the balance than how can i pass my address and balance as input to contract from UI using meteor….thanks in advance!!

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