Bitcoin Will Outperform Everything Including Warren Buffett Says Max Keiser – Part 1

Max Keiser of the Keiser Reports Talks the Real Deal on Bitcoin – Which he says is going to crush the U.S. dollar and “blow the roof” off of every bank in America.

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  1. I should've listened to Max when he recommended it. I admit I was weary when I heard him speak against it before he promoted it. That's why I didn't get into it.

  2. Well if Max really had seen the value of bitcoin at $3 — he should be worth hundreds of millions today — Unless he can document his claim in some way then i would take it with a grain of salt —

  3. Why do facebook and google go parabolic? 1) They are companies that create value 2) there is a lot of money printing by the fed (excess cash in the system) 3) central banks on other countries are buying their stock. For bitcoin, 1) it's value was on the expectation that it was going to be used as money, that is not happening anymore 2) it's going up because of the massive money printing operation going on in the US/rest of the world just like all the other bubbles 3) people buy it for no other reason than it's going to go up. I wish i knew there was going to be such mania when it was at $3, but to me it is now far too dangerous to get in now. Good luck to everyone holding

  4. Bitcoin’s market cap is $275 billion, and it still got a lot of steam to go to $1 trillion before it crashes. Talking about first trillion dollar capitalization, Bitcoin is going to be the first that comes down to $0. Mark my word.

  5. Love Max Kaiser, have been watching him for years, think he is brilliant, clever , honest and close to genius, should be in charge of large sections of financial regulation and banking hygiene. HOWEVER, on bitcoin I think he's wrong, soon as blockchain technology is used to transfer regular currencies Bitcoin will collapse, plus the cost of exchanging on bitcoin has gone through the roof, who's going to buy a coffee using bitcoin when it costs £20 to do that. Its also everyone being 'gamed', its game theory along with bigger fool theory, 7 billion people and only 21 million bitcoin. You also know its a bubble when something takes on a cult like phen-omen-on  (see the omen in there) , its NSA bullshit and satanic illuminati crap to drag us all into omnipotent currency where we can all be easily controlled. Diversity in currency thats backed by assets like Gold its what is required and the US paying off their debts to everyone instead of trying to inflate their way out of situation by printing money and thus causing everyone else to loose value in their savings. Bitcoin is just trying to skirt around the issue. The issue is this, America with its 'exceptionalism' and first world currency has been taking the piss out of everyone for donkeys years and now its time to face the music and it doesn't want to face the music because that would mean being like everyone else and actually having to do some work in order to actually buy that speedboat and God only knows how many more untold luxuries compared to the rest of the world. America owes trillions of dollars, imagine how much fairer and stronger the world economy would be if she started playing ball and paying it all off, off course that is not politically palatable and so that is where democracy fails utterly to deliver social and economic justice. I repeat Bitcoin is just more noise in the market place to try and distract people from the real issue and to act like some crumby float in a world where people are drowning in debt through the global banking deception. My job is to rule the nations with a rod of Iron and I want to America start playing it straight as of yesterday which includes honouring her debts. Cash it all now Max and keep doing a good job with the Kaiser report.

  6. Bitcoin and other CrpytoCurrencies are the precursor to the end game of the NWO Cabal and International Bankers for creating a One World Digital Currency that in order to transact in you will have to carry the mark. This is just the beginning to rope in the "Useful Idiots" and hype up the General populace to max out their credit cards on another FIAT Fabrication. In due time the NWO Cabal will outlaw any freedom based cryptocurrencies and the enforcement will be done by their Goon Squads aka IRS,FBI, etc. and they will roll out their FedCoin or TreasuryCoin etc. This will take place while they wipe out the existing systems through a massive economic collapse/ reset that could lead to a nuclear war perpetuated by the NWO Cabal and their proxies. If you accept this mark you will be a slave even moreso than the current system being perpetuated by the Federal Reserve Notes that people call Dollars and think they are actually Money.

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